Why France?

I think my love affair with France came from my youth, Another country only 25 miles away yet they speak a different language.
I remember seeing France across the channel from England and thinking "one day". Time passed from that first fleeting glance and Before i had the chance to visit France i had been to Malta, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, all further than that 25 miles!

And then the opportunity arose, Back in my youth i played an instrument called a bugle and a fanfare trumpet. For some very strange reason the French decided that they wanted me to play at some festival in a place called Caen, So off i went.
Even this was an adventure, My first visit to France was on a bus called Rusty, because it was, as its name suggests rusty..this was in the day when a passport was needed to even cross the channel, From that first visit i knew that was where i needed to be and would do anything to achieve that aim.